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4 cyber security tips for your employees

No organisation is immune from cyber attacks. All organisations of all sizes and industries can be targeted, whether they are charities or businesses, in the public sector or private sector.

Find out what your organisation can do to help your staff be more aware of cyber security – not only to deal with cyber security attacks more effectively but implement measures to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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Cyber Essentials checklist

There are five basic steps that make up the Cyber Essentials checklist:

  • Protect and prevent malware, including viruses
  • Controls who had access to your data and services
  • Set up and maintain secure configuration settings
  • Keep your devices and software up to date
  • Use firewalls to secure your network

Your organisation can implement these steps today for protection against the most common cyber security attacks. Remember – if your organisation has implemented these steps, you are on your way to achieving Cyber Essentials compliance.

10 steps to cyber security

Defining and communicating your Board’s Information Risk Regime is central to your organisation’s overall cyber security strategy. The National Cyber Security Centre recommends you review this regime – together with the nine associated security areas, in order to protect your business against the majority of cyber attacks.

What you can do to combat cyber attacks

Most cyber attacks are composed of four stages: Survey, Delivery, Breach and Affect.

The following security controls, applied at each stage of an attack, can reduce your organisation’s exposure to a successful cyber attack.

Managing your information risk

Using technology to deliver business attracts risk. Applying the following principles will help your organisation understand how to approach, assess and manage information and technology risks.

Password security

Attackers use a variety of techniques to discover passwords, including using powerful tools freely available on the internet. The following advice makes password security easier for your users – improving your system security as a result.

Bring your own device

Guidance for private and public sector organisations considering a BYOD approach

The National Cyber Security Centre glossary

This glossary explains some common words and phrases relating to cyber security.

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