Cyber Security Predictions 2020

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2020 is fast approaching and although a new year is about to begin, the rise in cyber attacks won’t end.

The best way to stay alert to these threats is by staying informed and protected.

We have gathered opinions from cyber security experts and collated a list of cyber security predictions for 2020 below.

Ransomware attacks won’t stop

Liron Barak, CEO of BitDam, said that “Ransomware is getting more sophisticated. It is evading even the most advanced email security solutions, with more devastating consequences.”

Ransomware attacks come in two forms. One encrypts the files on a computer or network and the other locks a user’s screen. The user can then only get access by making a payment (the ‘ransom’). In most cases, hackers ask for the payment in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.


Cloud is a major target

Cloud security firm Zscaler predicts that “we’ll see an increase in attacks targeting specific cloud applications.

Hackers are adapting to new work patterns and as businesses move data on to cloud applications such as Office 365 and Workday, they are likely to tailor new attacks that can penetrate these and extract sensitive information from them.


AI-powered cyber attacks

Information Age has predicted that “the first AI-powered cyber attack will occur, if not before the end of 2019.”

AI is growing and making its way into several areas of tech, the technology expert is adamant that it is only “a matter of time before it makes its way to the dark side of the cyber space.”

Cyber attackers could use 5G as a weapon to facilitate the rise of machine-speed and automated attacks according to Information Age.


The healthcare sector will suffer

Forbes has revealed that “2019 saw a record number of hospital and medical networks breached, compromising more health records and patient data than ever before.”

The healthcare sector has been a target for a long time.

The sector was hit hard during the 2017 WannaCry attack. The ransomware attackers caused ambulances to be diverted, vital equipment such as MRI scanners and X-ray machines to be taken offline, and the cancellation of at least 6900 NHS appointments, including operations.


Cyber Security spend will soar

It has been predicted that spending on cyber security will soar in 2020 and beyond and businesses across the world will give their budgets a boost.

Cyber security expert Varonis has stated that “worldwide spending on cybersecurity is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022.”

That said, protection does not need to be expensive. Cyber Essentials Certification can protect your business from over 80% of cyber security attacks and prices start from just £300.


Freshen up your cyber security strategy

If your business is preparing for 2020, make it your New Year’s resolution to get Cyber Essentials certified.

A cyber attack can be incredibly damaging to your reputation. If you want to secure your strategy and protect your business, Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry-supported scheme that helps businesses protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

The key controls that we recommend enable organisations to showcase their credentials as trustworthy and secure when it comes to cyber security.

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