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Becoming cyber security compliant with a cyber security solution is now a standard part of the public procurement process and central to supplier selection. Being certified compliant with Cyber Essentials demonstrates to your clients and industry partners that your organisation holds itself to a high standard of cyber security, and that you maintain a strict stance on cyber security in accordance with the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme.

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Vulnerability Scan

A good cyber security strategy starts with your perimeter defences including Internet-facing applications and networks. Ensuring that there are no holes in your organisation’s digital exterior can set you up with peace of mind and allow you to start working on your interior defences.

What is a vulnerability scan?

Vulnerability scanning is the examination of computer networks to identify weaknesses in security controls that can leave organisations open to cyber-attack.

A vulnerability scanner searches for exposures in computers, devices and applications by collecting information and comparing it to a database of known flaws.

Despite being an important tool for highlighting necessary improvements to cyber security, vulnerability scanners are also used by black hat hackers to discover ways to gain unauthorised access to networks. Failing to proactively scan your environment could therefore give attackers the window of opportunity they need to stage an attack.

Benefits of vulnerability scans

  • Provide a better understanding of your current stance ready for your Cyber Essentials certification
  • Detect known vulnerabilities in your firewall and external-facing services
  • Prevent cyber-attacks before they happen
  • Protect customer data and your brand reputation

Certification to Cyber Essentials Plus also requires organisations to undergo these external vulnerability scans, so getting ahead of the game can be another indication of a potential successful result.

With Cyber Essentials Online you can schedule these external vulnerability scans online and receive a report on your current standing with suggestions on remediation if necessary.

Fail Safe

Not sure if you will pass first time? Take the pressure off with our Fail Safe service. In the unfortunate circumstance that you fail Cyber Essentials certification, our Fail Safe service gives you another opportunity to pass. We will also provide you with a gap analysis report giving you feedback on areas requiring improvement, ensuring that you have everything you need to pass.

Our Fail Safe service is the perfect addition to your Cyber Essentials certification if you think you might need some guidance from our cyber experts. Once you have tried to answer all of the questions in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, we will be able to give you feedback on any of your answers to ensure that you pass.

Benefits of Fail Safe

  • Certify with peace of mind
  • A reset in the event of a fail
  • Gap analysis report on findings





Speed of Assessment Uplift

Our speed of assessment uplift service would be a perfect add on to your Cyber Essentials certification if you are stuck for time or require Cyber Essentials urgently.

With this service our team will assess your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) within 24 working hours, ensuring that your SAQ is sent to the Accreditation Body, IASME to be processed.

What are the benefits of the Speed of Assessment Uplift?

  • Jump the queue and get your certification assessed first
  • We priorities your Self-Assessment Questionnaire over others
  • Be assess by Cyber expects
  • Begin winning more business with government bodies

The Benefits

Cyber Essentials 80%

Protect your business against 80% of all common cyber attacks

Whether against the threat of malware attacks or hacking, having secure cyber protection is vital for any business.

Cyber Essentials locked folder

Take care of your customers’ data

Protecting your customers’ information from cyber theft has never been so important, not only to your reputation but to the law.

Cyber Essentials shield tick

Comply fully with GDPR

If your business is found to be negligent in the event of a data breach, it could face a fine of up to 4% of its global turnover.

Cyber Essentials trophy

Win contracts with the UK Government

If you are looking to win more government contracts, having Cyber Essentials certification shows buyers that your business takes a proactive stance against cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is a more rigorous test of your organisation’s cyber security systems. Cyber security experts carry out on-site vulnerability tests to ensure that your organisation is protected against basic hacking and phishing attacks.

Cyber Essentials Plus assessment involves two key additional elements:

  • On-Site Assessment – The on-site assessment is a requirement for all companies wishing to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus. Our team will visit your office(s) and thoroughly check whether the solutions you have put in place comply with the control requirements. You can find out the control requirements here.
  • Internal Vulnerability – Scan An internal vulnerability scan is a requirement for all companies wishing to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus. It involves a scan of your internal networks within the scope of your application, with a focus on workstations and mobile devices. It aims to find out whether the Cyber Essentials controls have been properly implemented and to check that known vulnerabilities have been addressed.

As part of the changes put in place since the transition to one accreditation body, IASME requires all Cyber Essentials Plus customers to hold a basic certification that was purchased no longer than three months prior. Are you Cyber Essentials certified?