Cyber security quick wins for SMEs

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Now more than ever before it is important for SMEs to stay cyber safe.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to move away from their offices and move their operations to a work from home model.

This shift in working practices has left many businesses vulnerable to a cyber attack.

The National Cyber security Centre has said that “COVID-19 has been and is a real challenge for businesses”. However, your business can take some simple steps to stay safe during this time, which is why we have created a “quick wins” checklist for your business.



Protect your business

SMEs are not safe. Cyber attacks can affect businesses of all sizes.

The 2020 Cyber Breaches Survey revealed that almost half of businesses (46%) have reported having cyber security breach, causing many business to lose money, time and data.

If you want to protect your business from 80% of basic cyber threats, get Cyber Essentials certified today.

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