How to protect your business from cyber crime

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You will find lots of advice on how you can protect your business from cyber crime on the internet, but sometimes information overload can be overwhelming.

Cyber Essentials Online has stripped the jargon back and focused on five technical controls that your business can put in place today.



It’s quite simple. If you want to improve the levels of cyber security throughout your business then you must secure your internet connection.

This can be done by implementing a firewall that will create what’s known in the IT world as a ‘buffer zone’.

A firewall is a safe space between your business’s IT network and other external networks that could pose cyber risks. Within this space your firewall provider will assess any incoming traffic and figure out whether it is safe or not.


Secure your settings

Make it your business to ensure that employees throughout your organisation are choosing the most secure settings for their devices and software.

Some businesses make the mistake of not checking the settings on their devices after purchasing. The National Cyber Security Centre warns businesses that devices that come with ‘everything on’ are easy targets for hackers.

Never assume that your settings are secure and always double check!


Take control

Always stay in control of who has access to your business’s data and services.

Finding a balance can be difficult, but make sure that the right members of the business have the right access to the software, settings, online services and device connectivity functions for their role.

This can help to minimise any damage if a staff account has been stolen or misused.


Always update

An easy and free way of keeping your business safe.

We are all guilty of leaving updates to the very last minute as they can be time-consuming and sometimes affect immediate tasks; however, they are very worthwhile and quick in comparison to a cyber attack clean-up!

Whether your business uses phones, tablets, laptops or computers, always ensure that they are kept up to date at all times.


Malware defence

Your device can be infected in many ways, eg via an untrustworthy email attachment, by visiting a malicious website or through a removable storage drive device which may be carrying malware.

Once your device is infected by ‘malicious software’ things can get tricky. That is why you should always use software that will protect your business from viruses and other malware.

There are a number of methods your business can choose to defend itself from malware attacks. Desktop users should enable either Defender (Windows) or XProtect (MacOS). Smartphone and tablet users can stay safe by updating and password-protecting their device where possible.


Learn more about Cyber Essentials

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your business from cyber crime and the controls recommended by the UK Government-approved Cyber Essentials scheme, visit the Cyber Essentials Online website.