The Cloud: Top 3 Cyber Security Risks

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Even though cyber month has ended, the threat of cyber attacks never subsides. New information has been released, suggesting that the future of cyber security lies within the cloud. According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), over 70% of the world’s businesses now operate on the cloud. As the cloud is commonly used by most companies to store, edit and share key information, cyber threats to the cloud and its users are on the rise. However, most companies still do not have sufficient cyber security in place.

cyber security attack code on screen

Malware Attacks


Malware attacks are on the rise for cloud users. These malicious attacks can compromise the integrity of sensitive information and result in stolen data. Malicious code is used to conduct a malware attack on the cloud. The code is injected into the cloud and camouflages itself so it is viewed as part of the software that is running within the cloud servers themselves. This can be extremely dangerous to cloud users as the malware is undetectable.


Data Breach


One of the main cyber concerns that businesses have about the cloud is the risk of their data being breached. Businesses want to keep their sensitive data private, especially if they hold client information in the cloud. With new GDPR laws, companies could face large fines if they don’t have adequate cyber security in place.

A recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute reported that over half of security professionals believe their organisation’s security measures for protecting data held on cloud services are weak. The report concluded that, overall, data breaches were three times more likely to occur with businesses that utilise the cloud than with those that do not.



Cyber attackers now have the ability to use your login information to access sensitive information and data that is stored on the cloud. Using sophisticated hacking techniques, cyber attackers can falsify and manipulate information to gain access to private files.


Cyber Security


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