The UK Government’s 2019 Strategy and Investment into Cyber Security

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The UK Government is investing heavily into cyber security for 2019 to combat the growing cyber threats that many companies are facing. Margot James, the Digital Minister, announced that a new Cyber Security Council has been developed to help drive a skilled workforce for the future and give talented youngsters a clear career pathway.

Find out how the Government is investing into cyber security in 2019


National Cyber Security Programme

It was announced at the end of December that £2.5 million of National Cyber Security Programme investment is being made into the development of the new independent Cyber Security Council. Through the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy, it will ensure that the UK’s expanding sector is equipped with the expertise needed in the digital age to successfully fight cyber crime.

The strategy sets out clear objectives for the UK’s cyber security capability, including:

  • appointing independent ‘ambassadors’ to help promote the attractiveness and viability of a career in cyber security to a broader and more diverse range of individuals;
  • launching the refreshed CyberFirst brand in 2019 which will bring greater coherence to the Government’s offering on cyber security skills; and
  • a commitment to continue investing in cyber security capability across all age groups to develop the next crop of cyber security professionals.

Digital Economy

As part of this investment, the Government is seeking to create the world’s most robust digital economy in the face of the threat from cyber crime.

Ms James said: “Making sure we have a skilled cyber security workforce now and for the future is not only central to our national security but is also fundamental to the UK becoming the world’s best digital economy. This strategy alongside the creation of an independent UK Cyber Security Council will be the next step in equipping our growing and vibrant cyber security sector with the expertise it needs for years to come.”

Long-Term Initiatives

Besides the current strategies and investments in place, the UK Government has also implemented a long-term plan to boost the number of cyber security professionals in the UK. One long-term investment includes Cyber Discovery, a £20 million programme which aims to inspire young people to consider a career in cyber security to act against the continuous cyber threats that the UK faces.

Be Cyber Security Safe in 2019

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