Why is Cyber Security so Important?

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From internet banking to the government infrastructure, we live in a connected world. As technology evolves, we become more and more connected through networks.

However, as technology advances so do the threats within the digital landscape.

A cyber attack is a conscious exploitation of computer systems, technology-dependant enterprises and networks. Hackers use malicious code and software to rework computer code, logic and data. This results in devastating and disruptive consequences for organisations. Data is compromised, which can lead to information or identify theft as well as system infiltration.

Cisco’s 2018 Annual Cybersecurity report examined how the evolution of malware was one of the most significant developments in the attack landscape in 2018 with the beginning of network-based ransomware cryptoworms.

Cryptoworms are a form of malware that spreads in the form of a worm and encrypts victims’ data. It eliminates the need for human interaction in launching ransomware campaigns.

“The growing number and variety of malware types and families perpetuate chaos in the attack landscape by undermining defenders’ efforts to gain and hold ground on threats.”

Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity report

Furthermore, the report highlights that email threats remain a vital tool for sending malicious spam to distribute malware. These emails become increasingly more intelligent in their design and content. Hackers apply a certain mix of social engineering techniques such as dangerous links and attachments to fool the opener.

So why is cyber security important?

Businesses are becoming increasingly more reliant on technology as we move into a digital age. As technology evolves, we know that attackers are evolving alongside it and are adapting their techniques at a rapid pace.

Regardless of your business size, cyber criminals who want to access your network will take advantage of any vulnerable surface. According to the Verizon Report, cyberattacks can occur in several different ways. 48% of last year’s breaches featured hacking while 30% included malware. Other less prevalent but still dangerous methods of attack were social attacks, privilege misuse or physical breaches.

By investing in cyber security, you are protecting your business not only against threats but also against a damaged reputation.

If you consider the risks early, and instil a culture of awareness in your company, you are already one step ahead of the hackers. Cyber Essentials is a good next step.

The certification offers protection against 80% of common threats as well as enabling you to showcase your credentials as trustworthy and secure.  Protect your business today by investing in the Government-backed scheme – Cyber Essentials.

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