Why your business must renew its Cyber Essentials certification

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Statistics from the recently published Cyber Breaches Survey 2019 make it very clear that cyber security threats are continuously evolving.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the damage caused by potential cyber security breaches poses a “significant threat for all organisations” in the UK.

If you are already Cyber Essentials certified then you will know the controls that need to be in place. That said, best practices for cyber security are constantly being updated and new requirements emerge – one of the main reasons why your business should renew its Cyber Essentials certification.

Learn more about recertification below.


Stay updated, stay protected

The Cyber Essentials scheme recommends simple security controls that can protect businesses from around 80% of cyber attacks. To maintain this level of security your business should stay up to date with any new recommendations and developments.

Having Cyber Essentials in place will not only protect your business but will demonstrate to your clients (especially those in the public sector) that your business is dedicated to staying cyber secure and has the latest recommendations in place to counter newer threats.


How does it work?

If you would like to retain your Cyber Essentials certification, then you must recertify annually. When certification is coming to an end, Cyber Essentials Online will inform you by email around 30 days before you are expected to recertify.

Due to the popularity of the Cyber Essentials certification, we recommend that when you receive this email you begin preparation, as this will ensure that your application goes through before your current certification expires.