Cyber Essentials Online partners with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester

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Cyber Essentials Online is now a trusted supplier to the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester (CRCGM).

CRCGM is a not-for-profit venture between Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital.

The organisation’s goal is “to grow and strengthen the region’s resilience to online crime by providing the highest standards in leadership, integration and collaboration across the cyber eco-system in Greater Manchester.”

Working in partnership with CRCGM means that their organisation can also support our parent company, BiP Solutions’,  work via local police intelligence and expertise sharing through CRCGM’s Trusted Supplier and Cyber Expert Group.


CRCGM partnership

We believe that this partnership is the perfect fit as Cyber Essentials is a key player to help ensure businesses are secure and have everything they need to connect.

Our parent company, BiP Solutions, is at the forefront of efforts to help businesses defend themselves against the latest cyber threats.

Simon Inman, Senior Technology Manager at BiP Solutions, said: “we have observed a significant growth in phishing and social engineering attacks recently, as well as an upward trend in Denial of Service attacks.”

CRCGM has also released a statement on their official website about the partnership:

“Cyber Essentials is just one of the ways BiP supports businesses to grow their resilience to online crime and so we are delighted to be working in partnership with them.”


How can Cyber Essentials support your business?

Cyber Essentials provides a solid foundation to ensure that businesses become fully aware of their online security and can then take the right measures to strengthen it.

The Cyber Resilience Centre advises that all businesses take Cyber Essentials as a step to becoming resilient to online crime.

The certification is also officially backed by the UK Government. Cyber Essentials is a great solution for businesses looking to improve their cyber security settings and standing. By implementing five simple key controls, you can protect your business from up to 80% of common cyber security threats.

Find out more about our packages and get started with your Cyber Essentials certification.

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