It’s Cyber Scotland Week!

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Cyber Scotland Week draws together a festival of virtual events on cyber awareness, cyber careers and innovation within the sector.


What is Cyber Scotland Week?

Cyber Scotland Week is a joint initiative between the Scottish Government and ScotlandIS.

Held each February, Cyber Scotland Week is an annual event. Organisers host a week-long series of events that aims to make Scotland cyber aware and resilient.

This year Cyber Scotland Week organisers are hosting events online.

The initiative plans to bring together influencers and industry experts across Scotland to explore and learn about the innovations and challenges in this fast-changing threat landscape.


Cyber attacks are growing in Scotland and the rest of the UK

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) defended the UK from an average of 60 attacks per month during a year which saw its resources proactively focused on the coronavirus response.

According to Cyber Scotland Week, “the National Cyber Security Centre received 2.3 million reports from the public in its first four months of pandemic – resulting in thousands of malicious websites being taken down.

Businesses of all sizes are being targeted. The functioning of cyber security teams may have been impaired because of the pandemic, which has made the detection of malicious activities by hackers difficult to trace and respond.


How do I report cyber crime in Scotland?

You can report cyber crime as follows:

  • By phoning 999 (emergency) or 101 (non-emergency)
  • In person at any police station


Stay safe with Cyber Essentials

According to the Cyber Breaches Survey, only 11% of businesses are aware of Cyber Essentials.

This scheme enables organisations to be certified independently for having met a good practice standard in cyber security and protects businesses from around 80% of cyber attacks as simple security controls must be set in place for certification.

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